First-Class Gutter Cleaning

First-Class Gutter Cleaning

1st Class Gutter Cleaning
Climbing ladders and walking on roofs can be dangerous if you’re not armed with the right equipment.

Utilizing our convenient on-point scheduling, Window Wizards’ expert gutter cleaning service is about to make your life easy and worry-free when it comes to something as important as clean, free-flowing gutters.


Clogged gutters are the number one cause of basement water problems and cracked foundations. Due to our dense Midwestern foliage, neglecting our gutter cleaning can quickly become a costly mistake. Gutter drainage systems are designed to control the flow of water away from your home, preventing a host of problems including:

* Water in Basement – When rain water comes straight off your roof instead of out through your downspouts it often has nowhere to go other than down along your foundation and into your basement.

* Ice Dams – During winter’s freeze and thaw cycles, water held by ice dams pushes back underneath shingles and can seep into your attic and walls, causing water damage.

* Mosquito Breeding Ground – Free-standing, debris filled sludge and water – which is exactly what’s sitting in your dirty gutters – is where mosquitoes breed!


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